Before clicking the post button, picture yourself in front of 4000+ people watching you while you say what you are about to post and ask yourself, “Is this really appropriate?”



When preparing to publically complain about a business, service or person, ensure that you have approached them about the matter first. Only if they are non-responsive, blatantly unhelpful or potentially dangerous to others is it appropriate info for Facebook. This is what Hello Peter is for.


A wilful injury to someone's dignity, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures. This applies to the internet don’t be cyber bully, not even a passive aggressive troll.


Unauthorised, insistent or irrelevant communication for personal gain. It is the cyber equivalent of the guy at the robot throwing his brochures into your car, in fact it’s worse. Don’t be an opportunistic extortionist. Don’t be that person.


Before asking a general question on a group, please Google it. It has likely been asked and answered a thousand times already.


Is when you create a page or group with a pre-existing or otherwise registered name, and distribute copyright content without permission. If you have a bad/weak password you are part of the problem. Keep it secret, keep it safe!

ME! ME! ME! :

The internet was not made for you, there are a lot of people on it. Keep family stuff in your family group and friends as friends. Keep your food off my wall because I am hungry like millions of others. Keep in mind that there are about 4200 religions in the world… and many, many more differing opinions.