Ecstasy drips from me

Lost in seas of sweet seduction

So saturated in you;

Silk smooth seas

Forests and fields,

I dream I'll be walking there with you.


Streams swiftly flowing; glowing blue

Boulders bulging, jagged edges jutting out

This is what I dream about...

Sweat, steam, satin sheets,

Fiery flamboyance.

Soft touch; much love,

Soothing songs resounding;

Bounding us.

I dream I'll be sitting there with you.

Florescent Frapè flowing; glowing blue

Drinking, sinking into something new

I hope this dream comes true.

Seeing ceaseless storms stirring,

Inside your soul; yearning,

Burning. Sensational.

I sent you there.

Flinching and flustered;

I dream I'll be lying there with you.

Your succulent skin; glowing hot

Dew drops dripping, licking that spot

All day I dream of you.