Divine drawings depicting deep-seeded needs, draped in reams,

Indeed it seems we have not yet been freed.

Tempted beyond all for which you have longed,

Wealth, not health, has engulfed your self –

Lead me not into liquidation?


Damnation to a nation who seek salvation in their own creation,

Life according to inflation.

Veered off the Tao, consumed in the row of now –

Saturated in fear.

An intense defense – no sense, no reverence,

No hope for deliverance.

Dispersed amongst the universe. Rehearsed.

A mere cheer to a modest ear, nothing to revere. Sneer, leer,

I’ll be sincere to each jeer.

Release peace on such a beast and at least the East will feast.

Vicious; intent on being malicious.

A mission without a vision.

An incision into religion;

A vital decision, a clear distinction;