A visionary whose vision was scary declared with conviction,

Concerning the indiction of the guiltless infliction of you.

Have you heard word that had you assured,

That nothing is cured but food?


A mastermind who finds his life defined in time as undermined,

As to the kind of life he leads, indeed needs peace. Seek.

Don’t be bleak.

When one has sought for more than mere thought,

Has fought, lost, and been distraught.

He will achieve more than could ever be bought.

You’re a sight to behold, too complex to unfold,

Untold perfection, without deception.

You hold the inscription of a bold reflection,

To remold perception.

Besotted! Devoted to an erotic you,

Precious few with an exotic view would approve the taboo,

(I find to soothe), and still improve to move you.

Yet in the infinite Matrix of moments,

Where my most intimate pneumatics go unnoticed.

I focus. Then I know this maliciousness has no purpose.