I have not written a poem since 2007.

 I went to Las Vegas for the International Poetry Competition and did okay but have not had the inspiration since.

 Here are 12 poems I wrote 2007.

 May they provide you with some inspiration or... something.

The will of the Wisp in all its bliss wandered wildly wayward

It was sorely missed by the scrawny fist

As it whipped too fast wickedly past.

The last he heard;

Upon a mound of ground he found; the sound resounded.

Technologically advanced trance house fusion;

Musical confusion.

Using and abusing aural pleasures;

Once were treasures.

Don’t lose those dreams of such shores and seas,

Don’t lock those doors and lose the keys.

I tried but lied, I died inside.

I was denied the right to shine,

Despite the might with which I began to fight.

I defied the nights delight in spite of its glorious insight.

I’m whole.

You mould my soul.

Help me evolve and be bold.

When you creep to my feet – I’m elite.

You whisper as I sleep simply satisfied.

Defined in my mind so divine; intensified.

An unperturbed herbal nerd

Simple as a bird amongst eagles

Not overbearing like seagulls

And neither of two evils.

Ecstasy drips from me

Lost in seas of sweet seduction

So saturated in you;

Silk smooth seas

Forests and fields,

I dream I'll be walking there with you.

Sunny days remain to rein the essence of her pain,

In shame she cries, this dame whose lies,

Have destroyed her very being.

Divine drawings depicting deep-seeded needs, draped in reams,

Indeed it seems we have not yet been freed.

Tempted beyond all for which you have longed,

Wealth, not health, has engulfed your self –

Lead me not into liquidation?

Contemplating, creating, waiting,

For something to arise,

This perfect paradise ,

Which I visualize.

A visionary whose vision was scary declared with conviction,

Concerning the indiction of the guiltless infliction of you.

Have you heard word that had you assured,

That nothing is cured but food?

Fading into blackness, tactless empathy spurring a greater misery.

No form of wizardry could dilute this ruthless gloom.

I don’t dispute the mood I’m in,

Devoid of sin yet annoyed within,


I've seen it in your pseudo-lustrous smile,
Swinging on your psychedelic spirit for a while.
The melancholy moderato of your mind,
A maze of myopic memories undefined.