I don’t believe I am any more special than everyone. I do believe that I can make a difference, and no greater difference than any other person that chooses to. Together though, the potential is limitless.

 I’m tired of those emails and posts that someone is going to just give out money, or that luck is transferrable over the internet. Sharing false financial hopes with 10 of your friends is not going to open doors of opportunity for you.

You must make the effort to open that door, and if it is locked, YOU must find the key.

This is my interpretation of the financial principals that made Babylon the wealthiest nation of their time. Principals I am finally starting to grasp and hope to use to the long term benefit of the people in and around my life.

I hope that putting this down to read will help make a difference to your life as well.
Please take this journey with me.

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Of Pie and Money...

 From the moment you receive and spend your first cent, dime, dollar, dosh, moola, currency, cash, trade item, you desire more. This thirst is universal.

The Intro

Everyone wants more money, some dangerously more than others. It surprises me though how few people go through sufficient effort to understand how is works and how to accumulate it other than hard monotonous work, begging or crime. Myself included, with regard to effort… although there was that time… anyway. I would have denied it up to the age of 28 but instant gratification is hard not to pursue. I’ve always believed in delayed gratification but temptation really can be an evil temptress sometimes – it just takes that one day. That one decision not fully thought through. I’m almost 30 now and it’s starting to make a bit of sense.


As a kid, I was certain I could retire by the age 25. I have worked many jobs since the age of 12 and gained a few convenient skills from some amazing people. I have also learnt a lot of lessons making mistakes along the way. Now, in April 2013, I have been running my own IT Company for 5 years exactly and working full time jobs to keep it running. Despite achieving good salaries by the end of my previous jobs, when I decided to leave, I had little to no start-up capital and a refusal to take a business loan with interest. Also unable to because I decided to go to Las Vegas for a week in 2007 with 2 credit cards and a personal loan! I was warned, but we all have our lessons to learn. I was young and quite sure I could win a $20,000 poetry contest. Although I did not, I thoroughly enjoyed learning this lesson.… but I won’t digress.

The Reason:

I have read a few finance books and find them often complicated, inaccurate or boring. ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ however, is one of the quickest, simplest and most obvious books on financial intelligence I have ever had the pleasure of reading, more than once. I strongly recommend it although I can’t seem to find it much these days. So that’s why I’m doing this.


Based on the principals I am learning from this book from one year to the next… and for my own better understanding, I thought I would relate the basics to a pie. Pecan, blueberry, apple, it doesn’t matter, pick your favourite. This is important because if you are unable to make decisions for yourself or rely on other people to define your path in life… well keep posting those financial miracle posts and sending those “share-with-10-friends-and-an-angel-will-bring-you-money” emails. I hope it works out for you. Spammers appreciate your efforts.


The Story / The Journey:


Everyone has or can find a way of getting their piece of the ‘pie’. Hopefully by hard work and learning and developing new skills over time but I won’t expand on options here. If you are reading this you probably already know some way to:

Get to earning!

For example, if you earn a salary, you get a piece of the business’s pie – how big that pie is when it comes out of the oven each month is relative to combined efforts and productivity, time that is not recoverable. What do you do with your piece of the pie? You eat it – or at least your budget does. There is often so much more month left at the end of the money. Who lives within their means?

The trick, and the phenomenon is, if you try, you can live on a max of 90% of your monthly income if you have one. If you received a 10% raise tomorrow, would you increase your budget to match? Yes: it’s human nature to want to improve one’s lifestyle, But you will need to make an effort to:

Live below your means!

Can you eat just enough to sustain yourself? You don’t even have to eat one bite, or half of your pie. You can eat 90% and only have to keep 10% !

A portion of everything you earn is yours to keep!


Do you take that fresh 10% of warm tasty pie and swallow it in a taste-frenzy? Or leave it on the windows ledge to get stolen, go stale or grow mould? No, if you are smart you will wrap it in foil or cling-wrap. Smarter still, you would put it in a Tupperware™. If you were a genius, you would return that Tupperware™ to its rightful owner! (sorry).

Protect your capital / savings!

Imagine if you could also get people to give you a small portion of their pie willingly and happily? How? Well with money the possibilities are almost endless but with pie… how about if I give you 10% of my pie this time, you can give 15% next time? Take advantage of other people’s instant gratification needs.

Use your imagination. Start a business with no or low overheads. Invest!

Do you go to the guy with the biggest appetite; spilling crumbs and making noises while devouring his piece, to make this ‘pie interest’ deal? No, you go to the kind-faced, thin lady who you can see is battling to finish her own. This way you know it is much more likely that you may get more pie for your 10% investment when the next pie comes around. In this case it is only pie and she’s clearly not enjoying it so she will probably just give you the rest of hers, or tell you to bugger off. It is less likely you will be spat on during the conversation. And you could make a good new pie-providing friend by the end.

Be careful who you trust with your investments, with whom you go into business, and who you take advice from!

After a while if this pie arrangement has works out, you will have sacrificed a few pieces of pie but not gone hungry by any means. If you had properly wrapped, packed and frozen your pieces, you will probably have a whole pie to call your own. The feeling from delayed gratification is infinitely better than that of instant gratification. How much better depends entirely on how much patience you have.

Be patient!


Now that you have worked, saved, invested, waited and you finally have your own warm, fresh, favourite pie… what will you choose?

You’ve earned your pie!


Will you cut your pie up and share it as you see fit?

Don’t be impulsive. Love and money are two different things; the people who really love you know this
(except the shallow ones but we tolerate them out of love. LOL).

Will you trade your pie for the things you’ve always wanted?

Be neither reckless nor selfish.


Will you take your pie and throw it in someone’s face? If it is their favourite kind, perhaps it would be okay, but just a waste.

Try not to step on toes or alienate yourself and other people on the way!


You can then start the process again each year, trying to get another one together.

Don’t even hesitate to try again when you fail. Everyone fails at least once.


Will you take what you have learnt from your pie making and pie trading skills and use it? Start trading with other pie connoisseurs to increase your monthly pie income. Then weekly, daily and before you know it you will have enough pies to have a world-record pie throwing contest and charge a decent entry fee. So big, it becomes an annual festival to promote bakeries within your community and then around the world. Donating food and funds to charities for hunger-aid. You and your loved ones don’t have to worry about money anymore and future generations will hopefully appreciate all your efforts.

Don’t be afraid to diversify and maximise! Build for the future.


The world is full of so many opportunities, and more each day. Don’t spend another moment doing what you don’t like doing, or even settling for what you can ‘handle’.

Whatever you do… do what you enjoy!

I hope you have found this article informative. If you haven’t found it positively stimulating in any way, congratulations for getting this far, please move along with rest of the herd.

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Yours Sincerely

Donovan Gaddin © 2013